AJ’s MMA debut

Posted by Allen Chong on March 28, 2011
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Checkmat Malaysia and Sabah’s first MMA fighter AJ Vaa stepping into the ring and carving out with 1-0 victory record!

Team BJJ Borneo in Philippines Open 2011

Posted by Allen Chong on February 24, 2011
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Checkmat / ME BJJ-BORNEO medal tally for Philippines Open 2011.

Allen ‘Raizo’ Chong 1 gold
Eazy ‘hulk’ Annuar 2 golds 1 silver 1 bronze
Richie ‘roach’ Ismail 1 gold
Adrian ‘tuk-man’ Tham 1 gold
Caroline ‘ninja’ Anthony 1 gold 2 bronzes
Angie ‘tattoos’ tiffany 3 silvers
Micheal ‘kemping’ Chong 1 bronze
Hanafi 1 silver
Travis 1 silver
Samuel ‘samjitsu’ 3 silvers
Valerian Alfante 1 silver 2 bronze
Azwandee ‘harry’ 1 bronze
A.J. 1 silver 1 bronze
Ian Lee (MEbjj KL) 1 silver

To top it off, we also won 2nd placing for overall team performance for no-gi and 3rd placing for overall Team Performance (both Gi & No Gi)!!

Well done team and God bless!

Pics to be uploaded after the bbq / video review night. look us up on fb:


New Sabah Times Article

Posted by Allen Chong on September 13, 2010
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Selamat Hari Raya

Posted by Allen Chong on September 08, 2010
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We at Team BJJ Borneo would like to wish everyone a joyous Raya season and safe travels back to kampung.

Enjoy the festivities, indulge in the kuih-muihs and see you back on the mats soon (with the kuih-muihs)!

God bless!

Grading on Sunday

Posted by Allen Chong on August 29, 2010
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Huge congratulations to all who graded on Sunday with Prof. Marcos Escobar and Rodrigo ‘Brucutu’ Cabral in attendance.

Warm welcome to the new comers, striped recipients and blue belts with whom the torch is passed to. As Brucutu always told us:  ‘it starts with up here’  *points to his head.

(more pictures to come soon)

August Training camp and Black belt seminar update

Posted by Allen Chong on August 04, 2010
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Update for Training camp on the end of this month.

23rd-27th Aug, (7p.m.- 9p.m.) Training camp with Brazilian Black belt – ‘Brucutu’ Cabral

followed by

Seminar by 2 Brazilian black belts! (Brucutu + Marcos Escobar) 28th-29th (time T.B.A for Ramadhan month)

Member’s Price:

  • RM350 for training camp
  • RM350 for seminar
  • or RM550 for the lot

Non-member’s Price:

  • RM450 for training camp
  • RM450 for the seminar
  • or RM750 for the lot

For members of BJJBorneo, there’s a grading session squeezed in between. so make sure you train!!

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan

Posted by Allen Chong on May 25, 2010
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Hey guys, in light of the Kaamatan festivities, we will be closed from the 28th May till the 7th June. BJJB classes will resume on the 8th June.

Party hardy and enjoy the harvest festival, especially for all those celebrating in Sabah!


Pan-Asians, Manila, 2010

Posted by Allen Chong on May 18, 2010
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May 15th and 16th saw 2 members of team BJJ Borneo joining forces with the hq team in Fight Zone KL under the Checkmat Malaysia banner to partake in the Pan-Asians tournament in Manila. Caroline Anthony, on her second attempt this year at a competition circuit, fought her way into the finals and brought home the silver on the first day in the ‘gi’ events. She also brought home the bronze medal for no-gi after braving some very skilled opponents in the morning event.

A huge congratulations to all in Checkmat Malaysia team and all those who entered in the tournament and we look forward to seeing everyone again in future games.


Posted by Allen Chong on March 10, 2010
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A big shout out to our Judo Coach, Bart @ Sulaiman Lee and his family for the arrival of his first child. We eagerly await the day numberswiki.com

when Lee Yusof walks in to train with the rest of us.

Your 2nd family in BJJ Borneo would like to wish you God’s blessings and heartiest congratulations!

Philippines Open 2010

Posted by Allen Chong on January 18, 2010
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Jan 15, 2010, team Bjj Borneo sent a small 5 person contingent to participate in the Philippines open bjj and no-gi competiton.


The results:

Micheal Chong—Silver in light weight bjj (white more info


Caroline Anthony—Bronze light weight bjj (white belt)

Valerian Alfante—Bronze light weight bjj (white blt)

Angie Bartholomew—Bronze absolute bjj (wht belt) and silver in no-gi (basics) absolute.

Allen S. Chong—Bronze light weight (advanced) No-gi

A big Congrats to all who competed and a job well done.